Exploring and Building Open [Source] Software for Tech-savvy Educators and OER Publishers


Throwing caution to the wind I’ve decided to submit two proposals for the Cascadia Open Education Summit in Vancouver, B.C. on April 17 and 18, with both involving the use of Markdown, Git and the file-based Grav CMS for creating and delivering open educational resources (OER).

UPDATE: While these proposals were not accepted this year I would be more than happy to meet with any interested educators about the above topics while they are in Vancouver April 17th and 18th.

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SFU’s fourth annual DEMOfest is scheduled for Wed, November 21st and I hope to share with my fellow educators how the Grav CMS can be used to expand and enhance Canvas - here’s my submitted proposal:

Expanding and Enhancing Canvas with the Open Source Grav CMS
Tech-savvy educators! Want to incorporate more open and collaborative materials within Canvas? How about improving the online experience? Faced with this challenge, Paul Hibbitts developed components for the file-based Grav CMS ( to effectively work inside of his CMPT-363 Canvas course ( Grav uses the platform-independent Markdown format and enables collaborative editing by students and instructors with Git-based services such as GitHub and GitLab. These also naturally support the 5 Rs (Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and Redistribute) of Open Educational Resources. Integrating Grav pages within Canvas is seamless too - without any content restrictions.