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Recently I tweeted some of my thoughts about Markdown, open content, and the release of the new Grav Presentation Plug, and I thought I would share them here:

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Throwing caution to the wind I’ve decided to submit two proposals for the Cascadia Open Education Summit in Vancouver, B.C. on April 17 and 18, with both involving the use of Markdown, Git and the file-based Grav CMS for creating and delivering open educational resources (OER).

UPDATE: While these proposals were not accepted this year I would be more than happy to meet with any interested educators about the above topics while they are in Vancouver April 17th and 18th.

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It’s been a pretty busy year for my Grav-based open education projects - here are the highlights:

  • Three new example demo sites for Open Course Hub (basic, intermediate and advanced)
  • Initial support for displaying H5P content in Open Course Hub and Open Publishing Space
  • New default theme for Open Publishing Space - Quark Open Publishing theme
  • Bootstrap4 Open Matter theme (now the default theme for Open Course Hub)
  • Bootswatch theme styles in Bootstrap4 Open Matter theme
  • Shortcodes (PDF, H5P, Twitter and others) added to Bootstrap4 Open Matter and Quark Open Publishing themes
  • New ‘section’ and ‘subsection’ page templates for better support content-heavy pages in Bootstrap4 Open Matter and Quark Open Publishing themes
  • Git Sync Plugin 2.0 (skillfully developed by Trilby Media) support and integration
  • Improved accessibility in Bootstrap4 Open Matter theme and inclusion of an Accessibility Checker in the Open Course Hub skeleton packages
  • Additional theme styles in the Learn2 with Git Sync theme (thanks Ole!)
  • Initial preparations for the planned release of Grav 2.0 (which includes Twig 2.0 compatibility)
  • Improved support for multiple blogs in Open Course Hub and Quark Open Publishing
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