I recently highlighted some of the key things to know about the Grav Open Course Hub project, and I thought I would share them here too:

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A Ride on the Grav-y Train (via bavatuesdays.com)

A Ride on the Grav-y Train

I recently created a survey for Grav Open Course Hub users, and I thought I would post it here too:

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I recently tweeted a set of updated Grav Open Course Hub workflow diagrams, and I thought I would share them here:

Grav Open Course Hub Workflow
Figure 1. Grav Open Course Hub Workflow.

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With the release of the Open Course Hub 2.0 package, three example sites are included in the Course Hub Bootstrap theme’s _demo folder; basic, intermediate and advanced. Let’s take a brief look at the visual appearance and highlights of each example:

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The Grav Open Course Hub supports a number of optional URL flags (i.e. parameters) to better support embedding Hub content into other LMSs such as Canvas or Moodle:

chromeless - hide all global navigation elements
summaryonly - display the summary of a blog post
hidepagetitle - hide the title of a page

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Long on my to-do list was to further explore how Grav Open Course Hub content could be displayed within the popular open source Moodle LMS. Curious about the initial results? You can explore a live demo at paulhibbitts.net/moodle/course/view.php?id=2 and view some draft docs at learn.hibbittsdesign.org/coursehub/integrating-grav-with-moodle.

Grav Course Hub content within Moodle
Figure 1. Grav Course Hub content within Moodle.

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Having just finished my 20th offering (in 20 years, how did that happen?) of CMPT-363 at SFU I will be getting back to posting more frequently about my on-going work with Grav in the field of education… stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, I await word for my most recent Grav-related proposal for the Festival of Learning 2018 entitled Delivering a Better Experience by Using the Open, Collaborative and Flexible Grav CMS – Inside or Outside of your LMS.

You can see the results of my further integration of Grav Course Hub within an LMS (in this case Canvas) at canvas.sfu.ca/courses/34140/

Grav Course Hub for CMPT-363 within the Canvas LMS
Figure 1. Grav Course Hub for CMPT-363 within the Canvas LMS.